Hours 72-72.5: Looking for more compact ways to construct a bunch of ArrayLists

Just what the title says. May have found it.


Hours 71.5-72: In which I lament ArrayLists

So earlier I was deciding whether to go with Arrays or ArrayLists for an application I’m writing and I decided to go with ArrayLists, but I’m not happy about it, because for this particular application, doing it with Arrays would make for simpler code. It’s just that there are certain things you can’t do with Arrays at all, so I can’t really use them for this application. Bummer.

Hours 70.5-71.5: dumbest bug ever

Chased a bug that turned out to be such an elementary error I’d rather not describe it here in public.

Hours 70-70.5: same as last session

More trying to figure out whether I should use arrays vs arraylists today. Taking unbelievably long to figure this out.

Hours 69.5-70: arrays vs arraylists

got caught up trying to understand whether I should use arrays or arraylists for a certain application. I understand that arraylists are usually preferably, but for this application they’re harder to use, so hmmm.

Hours 69-69.5: choppier waters.

Today I ran into another problem, again not so much program as math (linear algebra specifically), although it’s possible that that I wouldn’t have this problem if I was a better programmer (i.e. there may be some way to write the code such that I can avoid the math problem, it’s just that I don’t know it).

One attitude which seems essential to learning anything is to never ever assume that a problem is beyond you. Rather it’s better to assume that a problem simply requires a certain amount of time and then go about putting in that time. If you assume that every problem is solvable given enough time, it seems to limit frustration, or at least it does for me.

Hours 67.5-68: smoothish sailing

My new 1.5 hours/day schedule feels much better and more doable. Today I successfully tested out my code for representing polyhexes. Next I have to write a script to search through a hexagonal tessallation, find polyhexes and match them up with the templates I’ve written. I’ll likely go with a breadth-first search or something like it. I still don’t fully understand the queue methods used in Java for this kind of thing, so there will be a learning curve.